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Coaching for leaders who break the mold

Carve a bold, beautiful path toward the meaningful life, fulfilling career, and better world you imagine.

Leadership Coaching

Whether you're leveling up at work, starting something new, or tending a seedling possibility, coaching helps you figure out where you’re headed, why it matters to you, and how you’ll carve your own path.

Your coach partners with you to uncover your values and strengths, clarify your goals, and move forward step-by-step. Together you’ll create personalized experiments to test your hypotheses about what helps you thrive and grow into the leader you want to be.

You’ll come away with lasting rituals, frameworks, and perspectives that support you in making the difference only you can make.


Designers, technologists, creatives, and entrepreneurs on the cusp of change


12 one-on-one coaching sessions over 6 months, by phone or voice app


  • Find your purpose

  • Level up as a leader

  • Make a career transition

  • See a creative project through

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Client Stories

“Lisa has an uncanny ability to quickly assess where she can provide the biggest impact during our sessions—regardless of how clearly (or not) I share my day-to-day and ongoing challenges with her. She remembers details from months prior, so I can see things at both the ground and 30,000-foot level. She also ties her insights to practical steps, so I always feel empowered to do something specific after every session. She's helped me evolve from feeling overwhelmed and indecisive at work to having a strong voice, making decisions, and having renewed passion for and agency in my career path. She also has a fabulous sense of humor.” — Hilary

“Working with Lisa has allowed me to step away from the narratives I repeat to myself when dealing with struggles in work and personal life. After listening to my thoughts, she has an incredible ability to pull out kernels of insights that help me re-frame how I view a problem, often broadening the solution set in an unexpected way. She also provides actionable tips on how to break the habits and thought patterns that have blocked me from making progress. And she does it all with such warmth, grace, and kindness.” — Deanna

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Coaching for Teams

“I loved our chapters together and know the whole team feels strongly that you facilitated an open, honest space where we got to know each other in ways we normally wouldn't.” — Emma T.

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